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India Election and Market Outlook

The world’s largest election commenced on April 19th and is scheduled to span six weeks, involving approximately 969 million voters and 2,600 political parties. This brief write-up delves into the consequent implications for markets and investments. The election period extends from April 19th to June 1st, with the final tallying of results on June 4th, followed by the inauguration of the new administration by mid-June.

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Review of India Inc’s Q1 Results: Stronger Margins Mitigate Slower Revenue Growth

Corporate India is currently reaping the benefits of remarkably elevated margins and profits. The collective net profit for publicly listed companies achieved an unprecedented peak in the quarter spanning April to June 2023. This achievement can be attributed to a significant upswing in both operating and net profits due to a moderation in cost of raw materials. The expansion of profit margins has effectively counterbalanced the deceleration in revenue growth, which during the same time period, dipped into single-digit territory for the first time in nine quarters.

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Result Season so Far: Profits Surge As Input Costs Fall

The corporate results of first quarter of FY24 so far (excluding financial services firms) have reflected a substantial surge in profits but a decline in net sales,. Out of the 635 non-financial companies that have reported their results, the combined sales have decreased by 2.82% to reach ₹13.91 lakh crore, according to data from the CMIE. Remarkably, even Reliance Industries, the country’s largest revenue-generating company, faced a 4.69% drop in revenues, totaling ₹2,31,132 crore, alongside a 10.8% decrease in net profit, amounting to ₹16,011 crore.

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The Perils of Freebie Culture in Indian Politics: A Threat to India’s Economy

It is a well-known fact that nothing in this world comes for free. However, human psychology often inclines people towards the allure of free gifts, vouchers, and other offerings provided by marketing companies. These companies aim to entice potential customers legally, with full disclosure, and ultimately convert them into clients.

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