At Arunasset our endeavor is to help each of our clients achieve their financial goals through bespoke investment portfolios created as per their needs. Our promoters, who manage each client relationship personally, are well accessible and keen to engage with clients whenever required. We are research oriented and construct portfolios based on a deep understanding of the economy, capital markets and a wide range of investment products.

Tailormade portfolio

Each client is different and has a unique set of requirements and goals. We understand your investment needs and tailor-make for you a portfolio that finds a balance between your requirement of growth and of safety.

Personalized service

Every client is equally important to us. All relationships are managed by our promoters themselves, who are happy to discuss your portfolio in detail and clarify queries at all times. They personally go over each portfolio to ensure that they have the best investment options within client requirements.

Wide range of products

We give you access to a wide and dynamic range of investment options, both from India and the world over, to meet your unique investment needs.

After understanding your goals, we advise and execute investments ranging from mutual funds, shares, PMS products, AIF category funds, overseas shares, overseas funds, PE funds, Blockchain technology and new-tech funds.

Passionate about research

A lot of ongoing reading, learning and analysis goes behind making great investment decisions. We leave no stone unturned in building in-depth economy and capital market expertise by putting long hours into studying the current economic scenario, various asset classes and products, market cycles, and trends and developments in the financial sector.

We earn when you earn

Portfolio managers get compensated in two ways. An upfront fee is paid to the manager when a mutual fund is purchased. A trail fee is paid every year until the investment is withdrawn.

We get compensated by a trail fee system. The asset management companies pay us, on a yearly basis, a percentage of the amount of funds we invest with them. Which means we only earn when you earn, and not with every transaction we make.

Our esteemed clients

We service more than 180 clients, and advise on assets worth over 350 crores. We are proud to share that 80% of our clients have come to us through introductions by other happy clients.

Our clients come from different walks of life. We manage portfolios for CXOs from some of the largest corporations in the world, small and medium business owners, journalists, art collectors and bureaucrats.

Transparency in communication

We believe in being transparent in our communication and sharing regular portfolio reports, market updates and insights, so that you are well informed about your investment at all times.

Our process

This is how we engage with our clients:

  1. We meet clients to understand their investment goals and needs
  2. We analyze client goals and risk preferences to tailor-make a portfolio suited to their needs
  3. We have stringent internal processes to ensure each portfolio is monitored on a daily basis
  4. We review portfolios periodically with clients, and are always happy to discuss and explain in detail if you have any queries
  5. We share periodic detailed reports that throw light on underlying holdings, market strategy and product details.
  6. We share a monthly statement that lists out all investments in your portfolio
  7. We also share reports and updates on the economy and capital markets, information on new products and conduct conferences and webinars with industry experts to keep you well informed on the current scenario.

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