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Arunasset Capital Advisors is a nine year old investment advisory firm established to help people build successful investment portfolios. We emphasize on competent advise and we look to build long term relationships. In fact a competent, ethical and service oriented approach, or should we say a lack of it, inspired us to begin our enterprise. We strive not only to make an impact to our clients’ portfolios, but also to provide our clients a positive service experience.

We currently manage assets of over INR 200 crores while advising over thirty families. We offer advice across asset classes & a wide range of products including mutual funds, fixed deposits, bonds, pms products, direct stocks and AIF category funds.

” As a fiduciary adviser, we offer customized solutions solely in our Clients’ best interests “
Arun Patel – Partner

” We help you manage your wealth by providing unbiased advise and spotting the right investment opportunities. We want to make people from disparate fields get access to the best investment opportunities”
Ankit Patel CFP® – Partner

our services



Selecting securities

Asset allocation based approach.

Portfolio construction aligned to goals.

Tracking your portfolio

Online access to portfolio reports.

Investment taxation reporting.

Audited reports.


We aim to ease and facilitate the process of execution. We have robust systems in place which ensures minimal operational involvement, but which constantly keep you in the loop.

Regular review of portfolio

Portfolio re balancing based on valuation.

Portfolio re balancing based on change in goals.


We help NRI’s invest in India & be ahead of the curve with regard to all aspects of personal money management. From thousands of miles away our NRI clients own portfolios that are nimble and quick to react when necessary. The constantly changing regulatory environment provides a challenge we are happy to help out with. We also aim to facilitate and ease the investment process as much as possible.

Real estate services

Legal advice on property related matters.Preparation of rental and transaction related agreements.Property management services.Assistance in indentifying properties for sale or purchase.

Tax planning and returns filing

Global tax structure cognizant investment advice.Our global network of auditors provide tax filing/income reporting services

Wealth management/Investment advisory services

We provide advice on and execute investments in mutual funds, Shares, PMS Products, Alternate investment funds & bonds/fixed deposits.


Driven purely by client needs and preferences, there is no pre-defined standard for how we construct our services for this category. We tailor make our services for each family.

Wealth management services

Government Liaison Services

Tax planning/auditing services

Estate planning


Arun has been advising me on my financial affairs, especially towards achieving my financial goals to support my semi-retirement. He has always been thoughtful and insightful with regard to my needs, rather than his own. His investment suggestions have been sensible and fair, and even in the current challenging conditions, Arun has continued to be driven by a desire to serve my best interests, rather than just being a salesman.
Arun went out of his way to build a long term relationship with me rather than operate on a short term transaction oriented relationship. Apart from financial investments, Arun has assisted me in my property investments and other areas as well. These are areas he has volunteered to help me as he understands the inconveniences for me, given I reside overseas. I think of Arun as much as a friend and a financial advisor who I can turn to for any number of matters, and remain confident of his understanding. I fully expect Arun to figure in my personal financial needs for many years to come.

Earl Dennis
Melbourne Program Manager - ThaiLife Insurance at HCL Technologies Melbourne - Australia

I have been associated with Mr Arun Patel of Arunasset for nearly eight years now. When it comes to investing my money, I trust only him. In the past, I have had the misfortune of working with other investment consultants, but their service and advice does match upto his. Arun constantly keeps me posted and discusses my investments, and what’s more, I have earned handsome returns. I have recommend his services to all my contacts.

Aparna Shanker
Freelance Publishing Professional - Project Management, Copyediting and Proofreading Bangalore - India

I have been with Arunasset for over 8 years. Their asset allocation has been impeccable through which I have built a strong relationship with my investments. I admire the way Arun advices me and handles various cycles of investment opportunities and I am delighted to say that my investments have always come out trumps. He is calm during cyclical downturns and poures in more money during these times. That has proved to be a great turning point for my investments. If you are looking for investment and not speculation then Arunasset is the destination you need to reach.

Dr. Jayanth K P
Consultant Pest Control India Pvt Ltd Bangalore - India

I have been a very satisfied investor with Arunasset, our relationship started in 2004. A special word for Mr. Arun Patel. I have found him to be extremely informed about the financial sector; he is well read and does a lot of research to advice you on investment opportunities after taking into account your background, risk taking appetite and the market dynamics.His judgment is invariably backed with his in depth knowledge in the financial profession and his experience in understanding how the markets continue to evolve.
Overall, I have no inhibition in saying that Mr. Arun Patel has been a great collaborator in building up sustainable investment portfolios for me and my family and I rely on his expertise whenever I’m faced with a proposition of investment.

Uday Sharma
Director - Quality Assurance & SIRMR Air Liquide Global E & C Solutions US Inc Arizona - USA

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