Our Family Office services help families manage and grow their wealth, and efficiently pass it on to future generations. There are a gamut of services required for this, and we help bring them all to you through one point of contact. We act as your personal family CFO.

Investment management

We help families grow their wealth through tailor-made portfolios, designed to meet their financial goals and aligned to their risk preferences. With us you have access to a wide range of investment products from both India and abroad. We are passionate about research, and spend large amounts of time studying the current economic scenario, various asset classes and products, market cycles, and trends and developments in the financial sector to give you expert and up-to-date advice for your investments.

Cash flow management

We help assess your family’s cash flow requirements by studying your current expenses and calculating your future expenses while taking inflation into account. We then recommend avenues for generating supplemental income using your assets to meet these expenses, and also to create a contingency fund.

Estate Planning

Our estate planning services help create a plan that will facilitate smooth transition of your family’s wealth to future generations. We understand that this process involves close relationships, personal will and wishes, and local regulations and compliances, and we work within this framework to create an efficient succession plan. We will help create wills, a succession plan and also help form and manage a trust if required.

Tax planning and audit

We have an expert panel of tax planners and auditors associated with us, who have an understanding of Indian as well as international tax structures. They take into account various aspects of your tax obligations and ensure efficient taxation to maximize your wealth.

Business and personal asset planning

We will help optimize your assets for usage, management and growth by restructuring their allocation between business and personal ownership.

Government Liaison

We help our clients with liaising with government bodies, as per their business and personal needs.


Families often come to us with the desire to create a family philanthropic legacy or an impactful CSR programme. We can step-in to help you find a cause aligned to your values, and also create a financial structure for efficient management, disbursement and use of your wealth for this.
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