On 25th January, short-seller Hindenburg Research published a report beginning a series of well planned and co-ordinated attacks on the Adani Group.

Soon enough, George Soros the 92 year old speculator billionaire joined the issue of attacking   the quality of India’s democratically elected polity. Best known for his attack on the British pound in 1992 he has since used his billions to fund political and public causes in more than 120 countries around the world. In 1997, he made huge bets against the Thai and Malaysian currencies and precipitated the Asian financial crisis that brought down economies of Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea and Malaysia. This also brought about regime changes in some of those countries. Soros is hoping that the Ukraine war will bring down Putin and Russia. With national elections round the corner, Soros is also hoping that such coordinated attacks will bring in a regime change in India.

After the report of short-seller Hindenburg Research, a cartel of Indians has created a negative narrative against Adani Group. It is not based on facts alone. This narrative is a well-planned attack against the Adani Group.

Let’s examine how.

This attack did not begin on the 23rd January 2023 after the Hindenburg Research report. It began in 2016/17 from Australia. Adani got a project for Carmichael Coal mines in 2010 in Australia.

In 2017, a protest against Adani was started by a few NGOs under the leadership of 350.org, an NGO. They have formed a group titled “Stop Adani” to stop this project going to Adani.

350.org is heavily funded by Tides Foundation.

But do you know who funds Tides foundation? Check out the names and amounts for just a year! It lists names of Soros, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller, Omidyar and Bill Gates.

In India, there’s an NGO called National Foundation for India (NFI). Before I tell you about this NGO, let me show you the list of donors to NFI. It has names of Soros, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller, Omidyar, Bill Gates and Azim Premji.

Under the leadership of Azim Premji, an NGO called IPSMF was started which funds Altnews, The Wire, The Caravan, The News Minute and more propaganda websites.

Now, let’s return to National Foundation for India (NFI). Seema Chisti is a Media Fellowship adviser at NFI. She is also editor at The Wire. She contributes for The Caravan and she is the wife of CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury!

Ideally it should make it to the news that the wife of a communist politician gets a salary and perks from an NGO which is funded by Ford, Gates, Azim Premji, Soros, Rockefeller, Omidyar and more. But anyway, let’s move on.

The Wire has a special tie up with Soros, Ford, gates, Azim Premji, Omidyar and Rockefeller – funded NFI.

The Wire has written a series of five propaganda articles against Adani regarding their Australian project in 2017.

Dhanya Rajendran is another Media Fellowship adviser at NFI. She is co-founder of the News Minute, which is funded by Premji led IPSMF and received support from Soros via MDIF. Interesting, isn’t it?

Dhanya Rajendran has created a cartel of people and propaganda websites with the name Digipub. Hardcore communist, Prabir Purayastha from Newsclick is the Vice Chairman of this cartel.

Now, check out the names in the list founding members -IPSMF funds almost all. Check the timelines of people involved with propaganda websites and you will find almost the same propaganda tweets and coordinated attacks against Adani.

Let us examine a few random examples from this cartel. How they have started the coordinated attacks on Social Media and their websites with their propaganda articles and tweets against Adani.

First, let’s go with Dhanya Rajendran, founder of the digital cartel Digipub.

Another member of this cartel is @TheDeshBhakt. Just check his timeline..

Check out other members of Digipub..

Now check Ajit Anjum and Alok Joshi, Individual Members of the Digipub cartel.

Notice their timelines..

There is a long list of such tweets from these Digipub sharpshooters. Do check out their SM accounts. All these Digipub sharp shooters get their training from foreign NGOs and their Indian partners to target businessmen or organisations in India. Safter the training they are recruited by propaganda websites like The Wire, The Caravan, Altnews, Newsclick etc.

Let us examine one example. Alishan Jafri got a fellowship in foreign funded NFI. The BBC documentary on Prime Minister Modi is made by him. Seema Chisti mentored him when she was the editor at BBC for ten years. She is now editor at The Wire as mentioned above.

A sample list of the foreign-funded NFI fellowship awardees.

Why is it a well-planned and coordinated attack on Adani? Check out the retweets of the Stop Adani Australia group.

Stop Adani group is continuously retweeting Ravi Nair’s tweets.

Who is Ravi Nair?

He writes for The Wire, Newsclick and Janta Ka Reporter! All part of Digipub!

To Conclude, if these philanthropists and news portals are concerned about financial fraud and shell companies then how about Ritu Kapoor, financier and partner of Dhanya Rajendran? Digipub had a shell company which closed within a few months in the UK which closed within a few months without filing returns. How about Raghv Bahl’s money laundering activities ? How about the many shell companies belonging to Ritu Kapoor in UK?

There is an exclusive website specifically to defame Adani.

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