Commonly asked questions

1. Who can become a client?

Any one who aspires to build an investment portfolio and who wishes to get access to investment opportunities across the globe can get in touch with us and discuss becoming a client. We have helped hundreds of families through our services and would be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

2. Where are Arunasset's clients located?

Most of our clients are located in Bangalore. We have a few clients across India and also abroad.

3. On an average how long do your clients stay with you?

We are proud to say that our clients don’t leave us after starting to invest through us (barring a few who left because of non-work related reasons). We have clients who have been with us for over 15 years.

4. What are the services provided by Arunasset?

We provide investment services across asset classes to people who wish to meet their financial goals by growing their wealth.

5. What is your investment approach? How do you select which investment instruments to invest in?

We understand that each client is different and has different needs. We invest based on client goals and risk preferences.

6. How is Arunasset compensated?

Our firm is compensated by trail system of compensation by the asset management companies. They pay us, on a yearly basis, a percentage of the amount of funds we invest with them. Which means we only earn when you earn, and not with every transaction we make.

Client Service related questions

1. Why should I become a client?

Investing through us will give you access to a diverse range of investment products from around the world. We are passionate about research and base our investment decisions on economy and market expertise built after long hours of research and analysis. We tailor-make each portfolio to the needs and goals of our clients and keep them informed and updated with investment reports and market trends on a regular basis.

2. What is the process of becoming a client?

You can get in touch with us here to discuss investing through us. We will understand your goals and requirements and devise an investment strategy for you.

3. Who will be my point of contact at Arunasset?

All relationships are managed by the promoters of the company, Arun and Ankit, and one of them will be your point of contact.

4. How can I review my investment performance and holdings with you?

We are particular about this and insist on periodic reviews, so that you are updated about your investments at all times.

5. How can you ensure that my investment with you will remain safe?

We take measures to make sure that your investment is safe. We guide our customers’ into products which have been well researched by us. The main criteria for a product to qualify with us is the quality of the securities in which the product invests in. We also research the performance of the fund manager over the years. The products should follow due diligence and comply with the laws under which they are regulated.

Have further questions?

Every situation is different and you may have questions unique to your requirement. Please contact our office or schedule a phone consultation with us, so we can answer your questions about becoming a wealth management client here

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